"What is airy and uplifting to one is spartan and brutal to another; one person's cozy clutter may be someone else's visual in digestion."


"We all have very individual ideas of home. I will help you develop your elegantly stylish sanctuary. Whether you want an environment in which to entertain, a calm retreat, or a combination of both, together, we will develop a style that is unique to you." The Essential House Book by Terence Conran


CDECA, IDS Interior Design / President, CEO

Karen began her career at the Ontario College of Art and Design studying material art and design. Upon completing her fourth year she realized her love for color and texture did not end with textiles. She entered the interior design program at the International Academy of Design. She knew instantly she had made the right decision to further develop her passion.


Karen began her residential design career with Ethan Allen, while there she learnt the value of quality blended with superior design. She then had the pleasure of working for Peggy Polson-Gillis of Rousseau’s Fine Furniture and Interior Design. Peggy helped Karen develop a true appreciation for the finer things in life and taught her to celebrate beauty in many different aspects of living, not limited to home furnishings. In August of 2006 Karen returned to Guelph and formed Gracious Living Interior Design, over the last three years she has worked with Garth and Craig Bigelow of Bigelow Flooring. After forming a solid business relationship the three then decided to partner and create Modelo Interiors.


Karen believes that “Design isn’t always about the latest trend, sometimes it’s the large down filled sofa just perfect for curling up with a good book, sometimes it’s the sleek lines of a sexy chair, but it is always the many yummy colours that fill your soul with delight. A true appreciation for the things that make life pleasurable, bestow upon design its true meaning.”